Online Application for a Referred Kenyan Visa

Application for all Referred Visa services should be completed online. You must complete one application per person to receive a Unique Confirmation Number. After completion, please download, print and sign the application before mailing it to the Embassy of The Republic of Kenya, U.A.E. Applications which are not filled online will be returned unprocessed. After reading the Requirements below, please follow the "Continue with Online Application" link to complete the online application form.

Holders of Travel Documents and nationals of the following countries shall have their visa applications referred to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi for approval.
Afghanistan Jordan Senegal
Azerbaijan Lebanon Somalia
Armenia Mali Syria
Cameroon Nigeria (residing outside Nigeria) Palestine
Iraq North Korea Tadjikistan

  • The processing period varies from case to case. (Determined after receipt of application and supportive documentation for reason for travel)
  • No expedited services for referred visa applications.
  • Referral fee is AED 40.00 (Non-Refundable).
  • Submit your application as provided for under visa requirements with all the necessary attachments in addition to the referral fee.

Visa Requirements
  • Valid Passport To Be Submitted Along With The Application
  • Completed (Filled in) Application Form duly signed.
  • Two Passport size photos (NB: Computer generated pictures are not acceptable)
  • A letter of Visa request from applicant.
  • An Invitation letter from the host ( Person in Kenya inviting the applicant).
    • AED 200.00 (non-refundable) for Visa Application Fee,
    • AED 40.00 For Visa Processing fee for Single Entry into Kenya,

  • Any application not meeting the above requirements will be considered INCOMPLETE and will remain unprocessed.
    • A visa is required prior to entry into Kenya.
    • Visa applications for REFUGEE Travel Document Holders are received at the Embassy and forwarded to Department of Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi for processing.
    • The processing period varies from case to case.
    • Telephone queries must be made by the applicant only. Third party queries will not be reviewed.
    • There is no expedited service for visa applications for Travel Document holders.
    • A single journey visa is valid for six months from the date of issue.
    • Requests for multiple journey visas must be applied for, in person, at the Department of Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi.

NB:Any incomplete application will be returned.

To avoid delays in processing your application please ensure that you have read all the requirements above.