Online Application for a Kenyan Visa

Application for all Visa services should be completed online. You must complete one application per person to receive a Unique Confirmation Number. After completion, please download, print and sign the application before mailing it to the Embassy of The Republic of Kenya, UAE. Applications which are not filled online will be returned unprocessed. After reading the Requirements below, please follow the "Continue with Online Application" link to complete the online application form.


Please note that the possession of a Kenyan Visa is not the final authority to enter Kenya. The immigration officer at the port of entry may deny entry if the visitor is unable to fulfil the immigration requirements and if the entry and presence of such a person in Kenya would be contrary to national interests, even if such a person is in possession of a valid visa for Kenya

Visa Requirements

  • Valid Passport ( Not photocopy ).
  • Completed (Filled in) Application Form duly signed.
  • Copy of flight Itinerary/Letter from travel agent on company letterhead confirming booking.
  • Two Passport size photos (NB: Computer generated pictures are not acceptable)
  • Visa Fees:
    • AED 200 For Single Entry (Tourist/Visitor/Business),
    • AED 440 For Multiple Entries (Tourist/Visitor/Business),
    • AED 100 For Single Transit,

    (i)Single Entry............................................. Allows you to enter into Kenya once
    (ii)Transit..................................................... Allows a short stop over (up to 24 hours) in Kenya
    (iii)Multiple Entry.............................................Allows multiple times entry into Kenya
    (IV)No Visa required for direct Transit (not leaving the airport)

    NB: A single entry Visa would allow re-entry to Kenya from any of the following East African Countries (Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda)

    *Business Visas allow you to attend conferences, workshops, seminars or discussions. It does not mean that the holder of a business visa is allowed to work in Kenya. Those who wish to conduct temporary business in Kenya lasting up to three months require authorization from The Director of Immigation Services in Nairobi (P.O. Box 30191, Nairobi Kenya) in form of Special Pass.
  • A Visa is required prior to entry into Kenya.
  • Visas are usually valid for six months from the issuance date
  • Note: For those travelling to Kenya with their pets, see "Import of Pets".
  • Please ensure that all your paperwork is well organised ( i.e photo stapled at the top left side of Application form, while your itinerary and application form are together)

Visa applications without complete requirements will not be processed. Please ensure all the requirements are met.

For more information on visa application and visa categories based on nationalities, please visit This website provides comprehensive details on all immigration services provided by the Department of Immigration of Kenya in Nairobi including but not limited to work permit, passes, citizenship, other immigration services and frequently asked questions (F.A.Qs)

Visa applicants who intend to undertake an internship/ placement and volunteer work in Kenya are further required to liaise with their host organizations/ companies in Kenya to make application for the appropriate authorization to the Director of Immigration Services (P.O. Box 30191, Nairobi. Telephone +254-222022) prior to their engagement in the respective attachments.

NB:Any incomplete application will be returned.

To avoid delays in processing your application please ensure that you have read all the requirements above.