Welcome to the official website of the Kenya Embassy in the United Arab Emirate, a mission that was established in the year 1982 to promote and enhance bilateral relationship between Kenya and United Arab Emirates through effective diplomatic engagement.

As enshrined in our service charter, our mission is to advance Kenya’s Foreign Policy and attainment of vision 2030 through effective diplomatic engagement with all stakeholders. In June 2008 the Government launched the Kenya Vision 2030 as a long term development blue print for the country, with the aim of transforming the country into a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a quality life by 2030. This vision is based on three main pillars, the Economic, Social and Political pillars. With the evolving demands of the 21st Century diplomacy, Kenya’s Foreign Policy is already on the path towards Economic diplomacy.

The site first of all recognizes you as our customer, therefore, in an effort to ensure that we serve you effectively and efficiently, the site has been fully equipped with information on Investment, Trade, Tourism, Environment, Sports, Culture and Consular matters among others. As you go through this site you will realize that Kenya is a land of contrast and diverse culture, a land with enormous investment opportunities given its strategic location. It is here that you can find the “Safari Capital of the World” and some of the finest beaches, a firmly established tourism infrastructure and one of the most welcoming people in the world. Kenya is the only land in which you can visit the ‘Cradle of Mankind’ sail a Swahili dhow past 16th century Portuguese fort and meet a Maasai warrior, his life unchanged since the dawn of time.

We do therefore hope that this website will be useful and informative.

Thank you